Following the tragedy that took place at Astroworld Festival earlier this month, Travis Scott and Live Nation are facing upwards of 100 lawsuits. Canadian rapper Drake has also been named in several of the cases, seeing as he and the “90210” rapper continued performing after the concert was declared a “mass-casualty incident,” sharing with people afterwards that they had no idea the severity of what was happening in the crowd. 

“I’ve spent the past few days trying to wrap my head around this devastating tragedy,” @champagnepapi wrote on Instagram in the days following the crowd surge that killed 10 people. According to Blog TO, some of the “Fair Trade” rapper’s reflecting took place in a Houston strip club, where he allegedly dropped an estimated seven figures the day after the horrifying events at AstroFest.

A video posted to Akademiks’ Instagram page shows a room full of dancers, counting up endless bills spread out across the stage. “Everyone say ‘Thanks Drake’,” a male voice can be heard saying, to which the girls respond in unison, “Thaaaanks Draaaake!”

“They saying #drake went to the strip club in Houston and threw like a milly,” Akademiks captioned the clip. The actual amount of money hasn’t been confirmed by Drizzy or the establishment, although they did post a video on Sunday showing bills lining essentially every surface available in the club. 

“Two floors covered with money and EVERY DANCER who worked last night went home happy. Thank y’all for the love and support. WE RUNNING IT BACK 2 NIGHT! SUNDAY FUNDAY,” Area 29’s caption reads. 

As you may have already guessed, some fans have been looking at Drake sideways since his rumoured appearance such a short time after being so close to tragedy. Blog TO notes that the strip club deleted a post thanking him for being there Saturday night, and the rapper has yet to address backlash from fans calling him out on his questionable actions.

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