Drake's latest album Scorpion is doing exactly what it was expected to do. Since it dropped 24 hours ago, Drizzy has shot to the top of every streaming service available. Of course, with an album that big there is sure to be some fallout or backlash. Producer Keyboard Kid, who constructed Lil B's song "I'm Tupac,"  took to Twitter to vent about what he feels was a clear beat jack. 

Keyboard Kid first responded to fans who noticed that the intro to Scorpion, entitled "Survival," sounded almost identical to "I'm Tupac."


It doesn't appear that No I.D. and 40 stole the beat though, as they credited German composer Claude Larson (also know as Klaus Netzle) on the album. Larson's song “Telex” was used as a sample on both Drake's record and Lil B's project. 

Keyboard Kid also answered another fan who asked if he received any credit for the Drizzy track. "Nah they basically emulated recreated me and B whole song..i didnt see us credited for anything," he responded. Although that might sound like he's throwing shade, Kid felt honored that the legendary No I.D. may have drawn influence from his production. "It's Crazy Cuz No I.D. A Legend ..So To Kno I Inspired Something Like That Is Dope," he wrote.