With the second-week sales looking pretty insane for Drake's Scorpion, the Canadian rapper does not seem to be worried in the least bit about the performance of his most recent album. Clocking in at over a billion streams fairly quickly and going platinum on its first day, Drake was recently in London for his surprise appearance at Wireless Festival. While he was traveling abroad, he was approached by a magician at a party who just so happened to blow Drizzy's mind. Popular magician Julius Dein caught up with Drake in the last few days to astound him with his tricks, changing Drake's life forever.

Asking the superstar what he was holding in his hand, Drake, ever the candy-fiend, answered correctly with "lollipop." Questioning who his favorite super-hero is, the 6ix God channeled his homie Giggs and hit Julius with the "Batman, da-na-na-da-na." The professional trickster then proceeded to blow Drake's mind, transforming the regular lollipop into a Batman-themed sucker using only his teeth. At first, the rapper seemed somewhat bored as he was not expecting much but when he pulled the lollipop out and it was Batman, the man was absolutely shook, pulling all kinds of faces to show his shock and admiration. His reaction alone makes this video must-see.

Magic is one of those things that is endearing to anybody, regardless of your level of fame. Check out the video below and revel in the madness yourself.