Anybody who is a real fan of the Dragon Ball series can agree on one thing. Battles can take way too long to build up. In fact, it was a running joke for years that characters like Goku or Vegeta would take entire episodes to "charge up" for a battle. Not to mention sometimes dialogue is just boring, or feels like a time consumer when really all we want is to see our favorite characters beat the piss out of each other. 

Dragon Ball Super's “Tournament of Power” saga lasted for 55 episodes. That's like 3 seasons of a television series, devoted to one saga. While I enjoyed Super just as much as any Dragon Ball fan, there was no need to stretch the tournament out that long. 35 of those 55 episodes involved actual fighting, which is still a lot to digest. Now, you can enjoy all the battles of the epic tournament, with none of the waiting. 

One YouTube user named Hayclonic, who deserves our undying respect, condensed the battles down to 48 minutes of epicness. That's right, those 35 episodes only amounted to about three-quarters of an hour of fighting. While the condensed version features about six split screens playing at once, it displays a "real-time" version of events. So instead of cutting to matches that were occurring at the same time, or around the same time, you could watch the tournament as if you were in the crowd, viewing everything that was happening at once. It sounds confusing, so I suggest throwing the computer on mute and just soaking up the battles. Check out the condensed video below.