Fans may be disappointed that Dragon Ball Super is ending, but the future of Goku looks bright. As the hit anime series draws to a close, a new villain approaches for the upcoming movie.

As we revealed yesterday, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama announced the new movie, stating that he wanted to "give a little better understanding about Freeza and the Saiyans." His comments go along with the recent conclusion of episode 130, where Goku loses to Jiren in the Tournament of Power, seemingly disqualifying his universe from the competition. Just as all hope is lost, Frieza appears to save the day. The cliff-hanger is meant to bridge the show and the upcoming movie.

Although Frieza will appear in the Dragon Ball Super movie, he will not be the main villain. Toriyama also stated that a "mighty foe" would appear to challenge our favorite characters. Today, Toei Animation has revealed that villain in the first teaser trailer for the animated film.

In the trailer, Goku is training outdoors in an icy-terrain. The new villain, who stands on a mountain in the distance, can be seen powering up. Although the baddy is only seen briefly up-close, in an effort to keep his identity hidden, his armor can be observed clearly. His Saiyan attire has led fans to believe the Toriyama will be introducing the original legendary Super Saiyan that came before Broly. His existence is briefly teased when Beerus refers to the Super Saiyan God that he dreamt about in Battle of Gods.

The latest Dragon Ball Legends mobile game, which is set to launch soon, is being introduced at conferences and conventions worldwide. During one promotional run, a picture of the new villain was showcased as a new edition to the video game's roster. The drawing is the clearest rendition of the speculated new villain. Check it out below.