Video games have a way of bringing people together. It was a way for friends to come together after school and hang out. Particularly, the Dragon Ball fighting games inspired hangouts where bonds were formed, and alternatively, where friendships went to die. The newest addition to the series, Dragon Ball FighterZ is introducing new characters as downloadable content: Broly and Bardock. Fans of the series know these legendary characters will amplify the entertaining video game.

Broly and Bardock have been known to shed light on a Saiyan experience different than that of Goku's. Broly was deemed the "Legendary Super Saiyan" for his insurmountable power. It's highly unlikely this trait will translate over to the game due to character balancing. Bardock is known to fans as Goku's father and a valiant protector of their home planet. Not much is known about their role in the game, but the Japanese Dragon Ball FighterZ site has additional details on Broly and Bardock's attacks; "Eraser Cannon" and "Riot Javelin" respectively. 

The addition of new characters will add more variety to the game, which had an initial roster of 24 characters. This opens up doors for new characters who were omitted from the game originally. With a universe as expansive as Dragon Ball, you never know which of your favorite characters will join the battle.