The future of journalism very much hangs in the balance. The latest victim in celebrity hoaxes pits NBA team and lottery hopeful Kevin Knox up against one another in a fight for the truth. An unspecified, Kevin Knox has refused to name, apparently read into a hoax about a baby he never had, asking him repeatedly to fess up about his offspring or his relationship with the baby mother.

The Kentucky Wildcat freshman, an intriguing prospect going into the 2018 NBA draft, left several several years on the table when he made his declaration. The interview in question occurred in the early going of the NBA scouting combine, after players were asked to complete a grueling physical regimen. In the words Knox himself, the conversation went along the lines of:

"One team, I don't know what team it was ... they asked if I had a kid," Knox told reporters. "They were like, 'I heard you had a kid on the way.' I'm like, 'I don't have a baby.' They were like, 'You sure? I want to know its name.' "

According to Sport Illustrated, the team finally relented after several tries, finally sensing the report was likely a fake news bulletin. The other intriguing element in this discussion, is why an NBA team was making a character assessment based on that information provided? I guess it speaks to how comprehensive psychological testing has become during the scouting process of amateur athletes. Teams are unwilling to make a substantial financial commitment to a player unless they check out on an interpersonal level. All things considered, Kevin Knox's line of questioning still goes down as one for the ages.