Dr. Umar Johnson is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist who is best known for spouting outrageous conspiracy theories. In one of his more well-known theories, he proposed that Meek Mill was released from prison in order for Bill Cosby to be convicted. His latest proposition, though, is rubbing people the wrong way, as it deals with the very recent death of Kobe Bryant. On Instagram live, Dr. Johnson explained that he believes that the helicopter crash that killed Kobe did not occur due to fog but rather was the intentional result of a dispute between Kobe and a pharmaceutical company over his signature nickname.

"They did not crash because of the fog—that was an expert pilot. Kobe was sabotaged," he explains in a video taken of the live. "Not to mention, Kobe Bryant was engaged in a legal battle with a big pharmaceutical company over the use of the name, 'Black Mamba.'" After repeating himself many times for dramatic effect, he emphasizes his point that the helicopter was crashed on purpose due to this conflict. "You understand me? Radar can see through the fog, thank you system (?). Radar can see through the fog. They didn't crash because of no damn fog and it wasn't no wind. The propeller was sabotaged."

Dr. Johnson also adds that the unnamed pharmaceutical company is "very powerful." According to Bossip, though, this company in question is not some kind of billion-dollar corporation, but actually is just a gas station brand of pills. While the theory seems pretty outlandish anyway, the fact that such a small company would go so far as to eliminate Kobe from the equation by having him killed is next level absurd. Twitter seems to agree, as the man is getting dragged by many users for his insensitivity and disrespect toward Kobe's tragic passing.