Nipsey Hussle was a multifaceted, multi-hyphenated individual who many people found difficult to box in. His streetwise knowledge, spiritual learnings, work ethics, and business mind made for a polarizing figure who some dismissed as a gangster rapper and others looked upon as a leader. Not long after his murder, it came to light that Nipsey was developing a documentary that highlighted the life and teachings of Dr. Sebi, a man who was known as a holistic healer who used his knowledge of herbs in his practice.

For years there have been rumors that Dr. Sebi found the cures for cancer, AIDS, or HIV, and when he died, there were theories that he was snuffed out by some clandestine government agency that wanted to keep his findings secret. Because Nipsey was looking into Dr. Sebi's work, many perpetuated the conspiracy that Nipsey, too, was a victim of a secret order who didn't want him to reveal Dr. Sebi's healing truth.

However, Dr. Sebi's daughter Kellie Bowman and grandson Izeal Bowman chatted with BET's Black Coffeehosts and addressed the gossip surrounding their late relative and the fallen rapper. Kellie stated that there was no conspiracy against Nipsey, but we should examine why a young man who could have taken on almost any project he pleased decided to tackle the life and discoveries of Dr. Sebi.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

"When Nipsey first passed, most people thought, 'Oh, he died because he was going to put out a documentary about Dr. Sebi,'" Izeal said. "Then three hours later, they found the shooter, found the killer, then all the speculation went out the window. When negative things happen or tragedies happen, our society is always quick to jump to an opinion, instead of knowing facts."

"So the fact that Nipsey Hussle didn't die over doing a documentary, it makes you think, 'Why would they want to kill Nipsey over doing a documentary if he wasn't Dr. Sebi?'" Izeal continued. "Or he wasn't healing people?' Yes, he was talking about the message, but a theory on killing Nipsey Hussle? No. There is no conspiracy. Nipsey Hussle died in gang violence, something that was very tragic to our society and to hip-hop, period."

The pair discussed how Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was instrumental in fusing hip hop with Dr. Sebi's healthy and holistic teachings. They also mentioned that when Nick Cannon took over where Nipsey left off with the documentary, they placed him on a plant-based, mineral diet and watched how his health greatly improved.