Over the weekend, Pete Davidson made a disturbing post on his Instagram which made fans believe the comedian might be thinking about committing suicide. Many of Davidson's friends rushed to his side to be with him in New York last Saturday, the same night he appeared on Saturday Night Live. One of those people was his ex-fiance Ariana Grande, who Pete reportedly did not want to talk to. Well, according to TMZ's latest interview with Dr. Drew, Davidson had the right idea.

"It's nice for Ariana Grande to express her love and support of him but she needs to stay away," Drew said. "This is a major loss, he needs to manage that loss and every time he comes in contact with her that clock resets."

As Dr. Drew mentions in the video, Davidson already suffers from mental health issues, and seeing Ariana Grande could make those issues even worse. He also described the hate Pete has been receiving as "evil" and that no one in his position should have go through that. 

In a video from Tuesday, Machine Gun Kelly said it was a "weird time" for Davidson, so we hope he's feeling better and getting the support he needs.