Dr. Dre knows a thing or two about real estate. Owning a handful of properties, Dre has earned enough money in his life to live extremely comfortable with his family. While he recently purchased a $4.9 million Calabasas estate, that home seems to be a back-up for him as he's looking to make several improvements to his much more expensive Brentwood property. Back in 2014, hip-hop's first billionaire coughed up $40 million on Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen's former crib in Brentwood, Los Angeles and he looks to be conducting some major renovations on the spot.

While you may expect a $40 million home to have anything you may possibly need, Dre sees some room for improvement, notably in the underground. TMZ obtained paperwork from the city of Los Angeles that detail Dre's plans to dig underneath the property, being granted permits to do so. The mogul's plans are not specifically clear as he could be building a studio, a basement or a bunker for all we know. According to the publication, the expansion will be roughly the size of the house, which currently sits on 4 acres of land. In addition to the moat that the mansion already boasts, Dre plans to build a guardhouse and retaining walls, which may result in him becoming the certified king of Brentwood.

If you haven't yet seen the legend's home, check out photos here and be ready to feel a little envious. Dre's home is already insanely beautiful and, with the renovations now in place, it's bound to become even more of an awesome sight.