Divorce can be exceptionally difficult for children, but that can be magnified when the world sits as a captive audience. Months ago it was shared that Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young were divorcing, and as time has moved forward, the headlines have shown that the separation has become contentious. There have been reports about disagreements over prenuptial contracts and it's said that Nicole is seeking $2 million per month in support. 50 Cent regularly weighs in on pop culture and he took to his Instagram to share a post about Dr. Dre's relationship woes—and it caught the attention of Dre and Nicole's daughter, Truly Young.

Dr. Dre, Truly Young, Nicole Young, Divorce, Xzibit, 50 Cent
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

"These b*tches be crazy how do you even ask for 2 million a month," Fif captioned his photo of Dre, Nicole, and Truly. The message didn't sit well with the college student so she had a few choice words for 50 Cent. "Haha... coming from an ugly, washed up, early 2000s rapper who filed for bankruptcy and is only envious of my family's wealth and lifestyle. Have fun spending the rest of your savings on steroids. F*ck you," Truly wrote. She also took aim at Xzibit who commented "Wtf????" on 50 Cent's post.

"Wow Alvin... After everything my parents have done for you and your family, this is how you respond to a picture of my parents and I, and a quote calling my mom and b*tch... f*ck you." Check out her posts below.