A few legends in the Rap game have joined forces to form a supergroup, and they're readying a project that Hip Hop fans are excited to hear. Shortly after they appeared on Verzuz together, Too $hort and E-40 announced that they, along with Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, had formed a sort of California-centered supergroup for the culture. Now, we're receiving a bit more information about what to expect—including a look from Dr. Dre.


The Bay Area icons recently spoke about the group and revealed that Dr. Dre would be making an appearance on the project. “Dre is on there, man,” $hort told HipHopDX. “He’s on there. Snoop got him on there. Dre is on there. That’s Snoop’s guy. That’s Ice Cube’s guy. They shot a big movie together. He’s on there. Ain’t no doubt about it. You don’t even got to ask him.”

“Definitely on there. Shout out to Dr. Dre,” added E-40. Too $hort chimed in. "He already did his part. It’s already certified. He’s on the project.” With so many hitmakers sharing the stage one could assume that ego can get in the way, but it seems that everyone is getting along just fine. There was even a moment where Ice Cube was told that he needed to pull back on one of the tracks, but Cube put his foot down.

“We told Ice Cube on one song, ‘Bro, you just went too hard, too hard,' and he waited about a couple hours and then he hit back and said, ‘I’m not changing sh*t,'" said Short Dog. E-40 confirmed the story and added, "He did! We was like, ‘F*ck it.’ Me and $hort and Snoop, we just … even Snoop say, ‘You know me, dog. I’m the easiest. You know me. I’m the baby of the bunch. I’m out of it.’ We was like, ‘All right. That is Ice Cube. F*ck it. Let him do what he do.’ We ain’t trying to water down sh*t. He going hard, too. Everybody going hard. We going hard on that b*tch, just jam."

Dr. Dre, Eazy E, TK Kirkland, Too Short, supergroup
Raymond Boyd / Contributor / Getty Images

We've heard much more about Dr. Dre since the megaproducer suffered a frightening brain aneurysm last month. Dre has shared images of himself in the studio and a snippet of a track quickly circulated online where he is heard rapping about the billion-dollar divorce from his wife with a few scathing bars. Check out Too $hort and E-40's interview below.