YBN Cordae may not have a vast discography, but the songs he has dropped have been consistently fire. Coming off the release of the introspective "What's Life," Cordae has been on the move, quietly working behind the scenes on what many presume to be an upcoming solo project. As it happens, the YBN lyricist caught the attention of Dr. Dre, who seems to have taken the young rapper under his considerable wing.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Factoring in his legendary status and masterful engineer's touch, Dre's insight remains a valuable tool, even decades deep into the game. There's little doubt that Cordae will benefit from the Doctor's tutelage, and from the sound of it, the chemistry has already begun to develop. A video from the studio recently surfaced, in which Dre seemed happy to play the hype man, between poking fun at Cordae's presumed mid-take snoozing sessions. "I'm not sleep!" laughs Dre, pointing at a drowsy Cordae. "I'm not sleep!"

"My n***a hard as shit," continues Dre. "Brand new. He hard as fuck. Real shit." Cordae taps his chest in affirmation, but Dre slides through with one last bit of constructive criticism. "Wake up n***a!" Keep an eye out for that new Cordae & Dr. Dre music, likely arriving whenever the Good Doctor deems it "ready."