The rich keep getting richer. That saying couldn't be any more true in the case of Dr Dre recently. Aside from his Beats By Dre company receiving a $500 million dollar investment a few months ago, the super-producer is trying to obtain a few more million for himself from his ex-record label Death Row Records.

According to Radar Online, Dr. Dre is suing Death Row Records for more than $3 million in unpaid royalties. The producer says that he is owed $1,200,386.57 in unpaid artist-producer royalties, $1,179,913 from digital sales and $676,444.44 for unpaid mechanical royalties. The digital sales amount is based on a judge’s suggestion after Dr. Dre lost a 2010 trademark infringement suit, the story says. The Beats by Dre executive also said that Death Row did not honor a bonus that would bump his royalty rate from 18 percent to 20 percent.

Also let it be known, Suge Knight has not been in charge of Death Row since 2006, after he declared for bankruptcy. Subsequently, the next owner, WIDEawake, sold some of Dre's songs online, paving the way for his current claims.  

The legal documents from Dre's lawsuit are available for review here.