Dr. Dre, Tony Draper, and Ricky Davis sponsored the Feed Your City Challenge event in Compton, California, Saturday, where they helped provide free groceries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Dre, Feed Your City, Covid-19Kevin Winter / Getty Images

"Unity is within us all. By us working together we can serve the underserved," explained Dre. "Thanksgiving is a special time to bring people together; people shouldn't have to worry about how they're going to feed their family for the holidays, so we accepted the challenge from Tony Draper and his team to generate that unity for Compton during these difficult times."

The "Feed Your City Challenge" was started by Draper and Davis. The Foundation's website describes the mission of the challenge saying "'To give families in the community a relief. Fighting for the poor and underprivileged.' Having a full understanding of what it means to come from poor households. With the strength of God and hard work, we overcame and made it through and that’s why our mission is to give back."

Saturday's event was Thanksgiving-themed with turkeys being handed out in addition to regular supplies.

Numerous rappers have participated in the Feed Your City Challenge throughout the year, including 2 Chainz who lent a hand in September.