Will Smith appears to have kicked off a trend among Hollywood's middle-aged men. After admitting that he was in the worst shape of his life following a year of the pandemic, the actor posted a shirtless photo and started his weight loss journey with millions of followers holding him accountable. What followed was a string of male actors and celebrities posting their own quarantine body photos, revealing that they're on board with the Gemini Man star. 

Spotting Will's post on social media, Dr. Dre appears to have been inspired to get back in shape himself, showing off his current physique on Instagram. The 56-year-old rapper/producer lifted up his shirt in the gym and said, "This is my COVID body. I’m about to start getting my shit together. Going in with @willsmith. Let’s Go!!!!"

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

While Dre might not think he's in great shape, he looks way better than the majority of men his age. He's still got a defined stomach with muscular arms but with him saying he's getting back to his fitness regimen, it looks like he'll only continue to get buffer over the next few months. It's nice to see that Will Smith has made it a trend for guys like Dre to focus on their health. Especially after his health scare this year, it definitely isn't a bad idea for him to get back on his grind. 

Check out his latest picture below and let us know what you think.