There's been much talk about Dr. Dre's upcoming music streaming service, which began with the working title "Daisy". Back in March, the service received $60 Million dollars in funding, and as of today, the announcement has been made that the Spotify and Rdio competitor will launch next month as "Beats Music".

Jimmy Iovine, who is heading the project along with Dre, says that Beats Music is based around “helping people re-discover the magic in the experience of listening to music." The service will center around recommendations from experts and artists in the music industry, rather than relying on technology to generate results.

Apparently, an idea that may come to fruition on the project is the ability to stream the music a specific artist is listening to in real time. This would allow users to get a glimpse of what Dre or Trent Reznor (who is also involved in Beats Music) are listening to at any moment.

As of today, Beats has opened username signup to the public, so you can head over to the site and claim your name now.


[Update: Launch Date & Interface Pics Revealed]

It's official, folks - Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's new Beats Music streaming service will go live in the United States on January 21st. It'll be available on Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Sonos and various web browsers, carrying approximately 20 million songs at first.

"We built something that works for us, for me, our friends, Dr. Dre," says Iovine. "We enjoy using it. It's what we would like to have, and we built it to where we felt it could help others."

The proposed marketing campaign includes a Super Bowl ad, Ellen DeGeneres plugs and, most importantly, a mobile integration deal with AT&T. A 7-day free trial will be made available, after which the service would cost $9.99 monthly (with multiple family bundle options). Also, Beats Music has teamed up with Target for a promotional deal awarding 30-day trials to customers who make a purchase from their electronics department.

Peep photos of the mobile interface in the gallery above. How many of y'all plan on giving this a shot?