Here's some news you most definitely need this Wednesday morning. According to gossip site Radar Online, Dr. Dre was feeling uber generous during a night out the other week, so much so that he left a waitress a $5,000 tip for some tequila shots.

As we all know, Dre made some extra pocket cash recently when Apple acquired Beats By Dre, thus he's been spending a bit extra these days, including the purchase of a new $40 million mansion. While $5,000 pales in comparison to $40 million, it's still an extremely charitable tip. Apparently it all happened when Dre was at West Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel on June 12th. Dre reportedly left the bar at around 2 A.M. and on his way out he left his waitress with the big tip. An inside source says the waitress was "stunned!", as you might expect.