Colin Kaepernick was having a fairly normal career in the NFL up until 2016. It was a career with plenty of ebbs and flows. He started off as a backup to Alex Smith and took advantage of an injury, eventually becoming the starter. From there, Kap led the team to a Super Bowl appearance and remained the starter for the years following. In 2016, Kaepernick made waves as he decided to start kneeling during the National Anthem in protest of police brutality and all of the injustice facing black people.

Kaepernick ended up being blackballed from the league, although he continued to advocate for what's right, and is still regarded as a hero by many. Recently, Kaepernick got to link up with the legendary record producer Dr. Dre, where we assume they talked about all of their upcoming projects and past hardships. In fact, the two took a photo together, and as you can see, they are both kneeling alongside each other.

Dr. Dre captioned the photo "Defiant" which is likely a nod to his upcoming series called "The Defiant Ones." Needless to say, these men are two pioneers in their fields, regardless of what you may think personally.

Hopefully, these two have some content together on the horizon.