It's a Miami vs. L.A. showdown in the NBA finals as the Heat and Lakers are set to kick things off tomorrow night. Many are divided in who will come up on top but you can only expect people from Miami and L.A. to ride for their team. Rick Ross is among those that will boldly declare his affinity for the Heat in any city he goes to, including the West Coast. He recently took to IG where he was hanging out with Dr. Dre discussing the game. That's when Ross let it be known that he's putting his money on the Heat.

"I'm out here. I'm standin' up and I'm reppin'. I'm here in L.A and I say the Heat in 5 and what they said?" he asked before Dr. Dre comes into the shot.

"He said the Heat in 5. I'm sayin' nyeah," Dre responded with an uncertain look on his face.

"Man, fuck all that," someone adds in the background while Ross looks disappointed that he was alone in this battle.

"Shout out to the Lake Show. RIP Kobe. Black Mamba. I understand. I understand the value of the Lake show," he said. "Ya boy standin' up tall. Guess what? I'm out here reppin'."

Check out the clip below and sound off in the comments on who you think will win the NBA Finals.