The majority of people can probably agree that social media is both a blessing and a curse. It's made things more accessible but sometimes, that might not be the best thing. In a recent interview with GQ, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine shared their thoughts on the social media era. Dre isn't really a social media kind of guy, anyway, so you can imagine that he's not into Instagram or Twitter, like many other artists. In fact, his Twitter page even reads that he doesn't even tweet himself.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"I probably would've hated social media when I was coming up. Because there's a certain mystique that gets destroyed, you know?" Dre explained in a recent interview with British GQ. "I like the mystique. I like waiting. I don't need anybody to know where I am every minute or what I'm doing. Or what I'm about to do. There's a certain mystique that came along with music that was entertaining to wait to see what was about to happen."

Jimmy Iovine chimed in with a hilarious take on the world of social media. "Old men do things they shouldn't do. One of them is wearing V-neck t-shirts. And the other one is go on Instagram," he said.

Unfortunately, Jimmy's shot did end up hitting Dre. "I do have a couple of V-necks, though."