There are some rumors that are simply so strange, so utterly, inexplicably bizarre, that they must simply be reported on. Not for any merit of credibility of the story itself, but for the sheer, ludicrous nature of said story. In fact, the latest news that has been circulating about the legendary Dr. Dre is one such story, and thus, here we are.

While Dr. Dre has been most recently solidifying his legacy with his critically acclaimed (and hella entertaining) HBO series The Defiant Ones, the Compton rapper has found himself at the center of an unlikely rumor. The BBC recently reported that a 73-year old South Korean man was hit with a massive fine for spreading an online rumor involving  widowed former First Lady Lee Hee-Ho, wife of the late President Kim Dae-jung. Apparently, the unnamed man claimed that 95-year-old Hee-ho intended to marry Dr. Dre, in a union that was intended to "launder" slush funds. However, the BBC reports that Seoul courts deemed to rumor to have The Seoul district court ruled on Friday that Lee "violated the honour of the deceased and the bereaved," which culminated in a defamation charge and a fine of 5m Korean, worth roughly five thousand U.S. dollars.

While Hee-Ho has long been widowed, she remains an influential figure in South Korea. As well all know, Dr. Dre is most definitely an influential figure in his own right, but other than it, the origin of this unlikely pairing is truly, mind-bogglingly bizarre. First of all, Dr. Dre is happily married. Second of all, why would he be participating in conspiratorial marriage plots straight out of Game Of Thrones, with a woman practically forty years his senior? Third of all, why Dr. Dre, of all people? Was he chosen at random? So many questions, all more pressing than the last.

In real news, Dr. Dre has been working with Eminem, and was recently en route to Hawaii for what we speculate to be Anderson Paak's latest album.