The Super Bowl LVI is set to take place on Feb.13th and the half-time show is expected to be spectacular, thanks to Dr. Dre - but that’s if it happens. Dr. Dre has been curating the upcoming show with superstar headliners that will include Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and Snoop. Fronting millions of dollars to make this happen, Dre’s pockets are on the line if the show is canceled. 

As COVID variant transmissions continue to surge in the states, the half-time show could be canceled to alleviate any potential positive cases. Since Dre is putting his own money into the show, he did secure Event Cancellation Insurance but there seems to be an exclusion for COVID. The provision is called a Communicable Disease Exemption and COVID falls under the umbrella of a communicable disease. If the show is nixed due to COVID, he doesn’t get any of that money back. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As of now, the show is expected to go on but as Omicron continues to peak, things may change. Even if the crowd is scaled back or the show is canceled, the game will still take place. The Super Bowl is expected to take place at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium but the NFL is prepared to move the game to another location if necessary. The NFL has always maintained contingency plans in case of unexpected situations like COVID. 

Dr. Dre may lose millions without the necessary insurance coverage, but that’s pocket change to the almost billionaire. As of 2022, Dre is the third richest rapper in the world.