Dr. Dre and Xzibit are being sued by three individuals who claim the rapper/investors screwed them out of their time, money and hard work. The lawsuit contends that Dre and Xzibit undercut the plaintiffs after awarding the trio a 14.5 percent stake in their weed company, Brass Knuckles. The three individuals who remained unnamed for legal reasons, are seeking compensation for monetary damages and breach of contract. They also a positive ruling with reinforce their position and forge their ownership stake into writing.

The company which specializes in cannabis products, was originally valued at $50 million, giving each minority investor a $5 million cut provided they deliver their end of the bargain. After months of deliberation, it was finally revealed that Brass Knuckles was actually worth well over $170 million, and Dre and Xzibit have allegedly done nothing to redistribute the pot.

The trio's attorney Larry Ecoff says his clients were essentially cast aside once Dre and Xzibit caught wind of the market increase, his catchline: "this case is all about greed and weed." Brass Knuckles is the same product line that was accused of lining their THC Concentrate Vape Cartridges with a known pesticide. Those allegations have since been disproved and thrown out of California's high court.