To say Dr. Dre is a revered producer goes without saying, and even to this day his opinion and insight carry weight; in fact, some might even call him the most influential artist in hip-hop history, his overall impact on the rap game near unparalleled. Now, the Doc has taken a backseat from the direct beat-making process, instead lending his expertise as a creative consultant and sound engineer. We've already seen him cooking up some music with Xzibit and Busta Rhymes, and now it would appear he's reuniting with another old friend -- Nas

Dr. Dre Nas

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images 

Having previously collaborated on It Was Written's "Nas Is Coming" and Hip-Hop Is Dead's "Hustlers," it's no wonder that Nas has sought out Dre's expertise once more. After all, their track record speaks for itself, limited in scope on the solo tip though it is. New images find he and Dre palling around in the studio, and another image also reveals that they were joined by Slim Da Mobster. While it's unclear as to what these Dre sessions will lead to, it's always exciting to see hip-hop legends coming together under one roof.  

For now, we'll choose to believe that Dre will be playing a role in shaping the sound of Nas' upcoming album, a project that the Queensbridge legend has been working on for a minute. Whether or not he produces a beat is uncertain, but rest assured that if Dre is involved, it's going to sound pristine. Are you looking forward to hearing what these two concocted?