It looks like Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine will be the subject behind an upcoming HBO special documentary called “The Defiant Ones.”

Directed by Allen Hughes ("Menace II Society"), the documentary follows Dre and Jimmy around for roughly three years to document their partnership as they moved on to a new chapter in their lives at Apple Music. The two have worked together in the past with their Interscope and Aftermath days, then went on to start Beats by Dre and ultimately join the Apple team.

“‘The Defiant Ones’ has everything you expect in a great story — drama and humor, tragedy and triumph,” said Casey Bloys, HBO’s president of programming. “Allen Hughes takes you on a journey through some of the most important flash points of popular culture, and I’m delighted that we can bring this unforgettable saga to our viewers.”

Serving as a four-part documentary, the special will feature interviews from Eminem, Nas, Ice Cube, Snoop, Bono, and David Geffen to name a few as well. No word yet as for when the special will air, but it’ll definitely be coming in 2017. Stay tuned.