Kyler Murray made National headlines this past week when he decided to declare for the NFL draft. The Oklahoma Sooners quarterback was phenomenal this season winning the Heisman trophy and impressing scouts enough to have him projected to go early in the first round of the draft. There has been some controversy surrounding Murray. He is currently a member of the Oakland Athletics of the MLB and will have to figure out which sport he wants to prioritize. He's also 5'10" which is fairly short when it comes to quarterbacks.

Despite his height, former NFL QB Doug Flutie has come out saying that Murray's height won't hurt his chances at being an effective player.

"The biggest problem with a lot of short quarterbacks is they don't have the arm strength. [Murray] does. He can make all the throws," Flutie told TMZ. "He can throw from all kinds of angles. We see that with [Patrick] Mahomes and you'll have the same thing with Kyler Murray."

Flutie faced some of the same criticisms and concerns when he first started his career. The former NFLer is the same height as Murray and actually played in the Canadian Football League for a while since many NFL teams passed on him because of his size. Flutie eventually found his NFL home with the Buffalo Bills but retired in 2005 with the New England Patriots.

Murray will find out where he will be playing when the NFL draft takes place on Thursday, April 25th.