Doritos is launching a limited edition foot-long chip, in collaboration with the forthcoming film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

These "Jurassic-sized" Doritos will be available in the classic Nacho Cheese flavour. In order to cop a bag of these colossal chips, the general public is encouraged to tweet the company with the hashtags #JurassicDoritos and #entry, or participate in an auction at from June 14th to the 20th. 

Proceeds from the auction will be directly donated to the American Red Cross to provide disaster relief efforts to Hawaii; the film was mainly shot on location in the Oceanic state.

Those few individuals who are lucky enough to receive this special edition creation will receive their Dorito inside of a "dinosaur egg" stored in a replica prop-crate. 

Peep a promo video for the humungous iteration on the beloved snack food, which sees Dr. Henry Wu (played by BD Wong) merging a Dorito with dinosaur DNA. Once the fusion has "hatched," Dr. Wu's assistant can be seen munching on the results of this unorthodox splicing.