During E3 2018, video game publisher Bethesda revealed how they will be following up their massively-popular Doom game with a sequel of some sort. The team behind the dystopian shooting game told the audience how they subsumed fans' requests by adding more demons, a more inherently-robust antagonist, as well as an imagined version of Hell on Earth. 

The teaser trailer features a bevy of worm-like creatures, alongside some more traditional demonic-looking behemoths. However, the team has also teased how the Doom Slayer will be more powerful than ever, but the exact extent of his dynamism remains a mystery for now. 

Expect more details to emerge about this forthcoming video game during its proper unveiling during QuakeCon, which will run from August 9th-12th in Dallas, TX. 

Peep the particularly grim and hopeless teaser trailer below: