A mere weeks away from his inauguration as president of the United States of America, Donald Trump is still obsessing over TV ratings. Not his ratings; the ratings for his old show The Celebrity Apprentice. Arnold Schwarzenegger took over his spot as host of the long-running show once Donald Trump went all-in on his presidential run, and early ratings from the new version of the show haven’t been great. Trump took the opportunity to troll Schwarzenegger on Twitter.

Trump manages to use one of favorite buzzwords, “swamp,” while referring to himself in the third person. The ratings really did take a dive, falling 44% compared to the previous year but we’d honestly expect Donald Trump to have more pressing matters to attend to.

The former governor of California responded to Trump’s trolling on Twitter, but didn’t stoop to his level. Keeping to the high road, the new Celebrity Apprentice host wished the incoming president the best of luck and read him a quote from Abrahama Lincoln. Funny how the reality star is acting like a politician and the politician is acting like a reality star.