Just when you thought the Donald lovefest was coming to an end, the executive Twitter handle pressed for more. On Tuesday, Kanye West offered the President a thinly-veiled compliment. He said, "One of my favorite of many things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black." 

Anybody with any wits about them can read through Kanye's intentions. Wearing this hat with nominal power gives Kanye the illusion of a "bad seed" in the eyes of the middle-left establishment. That doesn't imply anything in regards to Trump's actual orchestration of the Criminal Justice Reform laws that are being ushered in. But that's exactly how Trump interpreted Kanye West's Twitter rumblings.

This morning at 7 am Donald Trump Tweeted back in an attempt to revive his fledgling bromance with Kanye West, thanking him for the "nice words." But the funniest bit about the exchange doesn't invoke any of Kanye West's talking points at all. In the second part of his morning Twitter memo, Donald Trump congratulates himself for doing things the "Bipartisan Way." Funny thing is, the "Bipartisan Way" is something the Republican caucus would include for new recruits. I guess Donald Trump is probably more of a "political animal" than he'd like to admit. But make no mistake about it, Kanye is only here to collect his downvotes.