Every single major sports league in the world is on hold right now due to the Coronavirus. Major League Baseball had to suspend the start of their season all while the NHL and NBA had to suspend their seasons. Even the MLS had just started and needed to shut down. From there, NASCAR made the tough decision to stop events while the NFL is now contemplating delaying the start of training camp. Overall, it's a horrible time to be a sports fan and there doesn't seem to be much hope on the horizon.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, President Donald Trump is set to have a conference call with the commissioners of all of these leagues. As one would expect, the topic of conversation is going to be whether or not the leagues are going to be able to resume play.

Based on Trump's optimism, it is expected that he will recommend the leagues find a way to continue playing although it will all depend on the virus and how it continues to ramp up over the next few weeks and potentially months. This isn't the type of thing that just goes away on its own and leagues will have to tread lightly.

Hopefully, the meeting is a positive one and we can get back to normalcy, sooner rather than later.