Aside from tweeting his support of the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro (who, among other things, recently called his own country's education system "Marxist garbage"), Donald Trump is also calling on those who do not support him to chill and let him do his thing or, in his exact words, which do not inspire much confidence, "calm down and enjoy the ride." "The ride" he refers to is presumably his presidency and, no matter what you think of the man, "calm down and enjoy the ride" is not exactly a call to civic engagement. The tweet, which also acted as a new year's toast, prompted a flood of responses undercutting the "ride" that the president is taking the country on: 

Many on Twitter also pointed out the tension between the president's use of all-caps and the words "calm down." Others, however, are still standing behind Trump, like Kanye West, who's back with more "dragon energy" tweets: