Saturday Night Live caught president Donald Trump's attention with its latest "Weekend Update" segment. The show poked fun at the politician's recent press conference during which he addressed a few concerns including the border, the national budget. “President Trump declared a national emergency yesterday and argued that we need a wall to stop the flow of drugs into our country,” Colin Jost reported. “And to demonstrate how bad the problem is, Trump spent 21 minutes doing his impression of a coke addict.”

The insinuation upset the president, prompting him to address the issue via social media. "Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into, " Trump tweeted. "This is the real Collusion!"

While many have dismissed the president's remarks as indignant yet inconsequential, Peter Baker of The New York Times noted that "no other president in decades publicly threatened 'retribution' against a television network because it satirized him."

Alec Baldwin, who impersonates Trump on the comedy show also tweeted, "I wonder if a sitting President exhorting his followers that my role in a TV comedy qualifies me as an enemy of the people constitutes a threat to my safety and that of my family?"