Donald Trump has finally addressed the widespread rumours that Oprah may run for president during the 2020 election, posing as a massive threat to the current POTUS future plans. Speaking after a bipartisan meeting, a reporter asked the former host of The Apprentice whether or not he thinks he stands a chance next to Oprah if she chooses to run for office in the next election. Trump answered the question in his characteristically narcissistic manner, immediately responding "yeah I'll beat Oprah" with his arms crossed and nary a concern on his face. Check out the video below:

Rumours have been swirling since Oprah's now-legendary Golden Globes acceptance speech that the TV mogul may be considering a bid to run for office in the next election. It all began when she uttered the phrase "a new day is on the horizon," which many believed as a hint at Ms. Winfrey's future presidential candidacy. 

However, her best friend Gayle King refuted the claims that Oprah intends to run for office, saying how Steadman's confirming to a reporter about whether his longtime love was considering the presidency was misconstrued and answered out of context. 

In other Donald Trump news, Trump's presence at the National Championship Game received a healthy dose of applause, with also some audible boos thrown in the mix, showing that this decisive figure will always elicit a polarizing response from any crowd he enters.