In a few short weeks, former President Donald Trump has gone from flying in the ultra-spacious Air Force One, and even his old private jet before that dubbed Air Trump, to navigating the skies in a much-smaller plane. During his first Presidential campaign, Trump was jetting around the country in his own Boeing 757. The aircraft had enough room for over forty passengers, keeping the Republican candidate comfortable with a private bedroom above the clouds. The 74-year-old has downgraded considerably since those days, flying to New York in what appears to be Cessna Citation X, in which he's not even able to stand.

Photos of the former President stepping onto the Cessna plane were published in the Daily Mail, where people have been trolling Trump for the downgrade. While he's still flying private, which is something that former Vice-President Mike Pence can't say, Trump is definitely feeling his Presidential perks dissipate.

Unlike Trump's old Boeing, the smaller Cessna doesn't have a shower, living room-style sofas, boardroom tables, private cabins, or even enough standing room for the former President to get up without crouching. The cabin has a standing height of under five feet and seven inches, meanwhile, Trump stands 6'3".

Paulo Fridman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Still, the plane is reportedly worth $20 million. Trump is flying more luxuriously than the majority of us, but he's been relegated back to the smaller private jets, seemingly giving up his old Boeing for good. 

Check out the photos above.

James Devaney/Getty Images -- Former U.S. President Donald Trump leaves the Trump Tower in Manhattan on March 9, 2021