If everything goes according to plan, Donald Trump will be accused of committing a crime while in the Presidential Office tomorrow. According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen will be addressing criminal conduct that the President has been a part of with Congress on Wednesday. 

Cohen is currently scheduled to appear before Congress tomorrow and it's set to be the first time he accuses Trump of committing a crime while in office. The crime reportedly has to do with hush-money payments that were made to keep Stormy Daniels quiet about their relationship. The testimony will apparently include significant evidence of criminal conduct since Trump became President. 

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Trump will be at a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un tomorrow so he will not be present. Chances are, he'll have something to say about the accusations whenever they are made public though.

In addition to the crimes that Trump allegedly committed, Cohen plans to reveal some of the President's financial documents to prove that he has either inflated or deflated his net worth for his own business and personal advancement. Some of the reasons proposed by The Hollywood Reporter include the possibility that he deflated his net worth to avoid paying property taxes. 

We will update you on Cohen's address tomorrow.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images