Allegations of photoshopping and Factuneing Instagram and Facebook photos are usually reserved for the Kardashians, but today, Donald Trump has found himself accused. 

According to a surprisingly in depth report by Gizmodo, the president's PR team regularly–in fact, almost without fail–slims down the photos of him that are posted to Instagram or Facebook. Here are two of their GIFs that illustrates the trimming:


The sleuth who came across this news, Matt Novak, is unsure of exactly what software was used to make the photos but thinks they were "presumably altered with something like Facetune or Photoshop." Although it doesn't come as a huge surprise, Facetune is an app that's available to anybody with a smartphone and you'd think that maybe the White House could do a little better.

Maybe not, though, especially considering Trump's son, who appeared in a now-famous photo with his wife where the use of Facetune is painfully obvious:

The obvious brush-up was not lost anyone, including the Guilfoyle's followers, one of whom commented: "Making FaceTune great again."