The recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida has cast a divide within the United States Of America. As is often the case in the wake of mass shootings, a debate on gun control kicked off, with many questioning the purpose assault weapons have in society. Many survivors of the shooting have already spoken out in favor of stricter gun control laws, and several schools have organized mass walk-outs in protest. With tensions in the country continuing to rise, President Donald Trump has been speaking at length about the shooting as well as potential preventative measures.

His recent idea seemed to favor the notion of arming "capable" gun users and placing them inside of schools; not necessarily teachers, although the idea has been kicked around. Today, President Trump spoke at a Governor's Event in the state dining room, which was covered by White House reporter Zeke Miller. Over the course of the event, Miller kept followers aware of on-goings via Twitter, where he ultimately shared an interesting tidbit. Apparently, Trump was ripping into Florida deputies for the way they handled the shooting. Though the quote may admittedly be taken out of context, Miller claims that Trump said he would have personally run into the school, even if he didn't have a weapon.

"I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon," said Trump, reportedly. It's hard to imagine Trump as some sort of would-be action hero, but that seems to be the angle he's taking. Would the president really have taken a bullet for any of the victims?