As Donald Trump's presidency has been mostly opposed by the black community, and as he has been accused of racial insensitivity throughout his road to the White House, there was much scrutiny on his actions and words today, it being Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Earlier today, Trump sent out a seemingly agreeable tweet, asking all Americans to honor the civil rights icon "for being the great man that he was," and it turns out that he also held a meeting with Dr. King's eldest son at Trump Tower. 

Just as he was leaving, 59-year-old Martin Luther King III spoke to TMZ about his meeting with Trump, saying, "It's a good first step." He went on to say that he and Trump had "a constructive meeting about the broken voting system."

Voting rights seems to be the primary focus of their discussion. King III explained that the right to vote was "one of the most seminal rights that was achieved in the modern Civil Rights Movement," but suggested that there is still much work to be done, saying, "Clearly the system is not working at its maximum." He seemingly found agreement with the president-elect on there being a broken voting rights system, even though the majority of those disenfranchised would not have supported Trump. 

King III was also asked about what his father would have thought about his discussion with Trump, to which he said, "Had my father lived, we probably wouldn't be dealing with these issues." May he rest in peace.