According to CNBC, Donald Trump is expected to sign a bill, thereby declaring the United States in a state of emergency. The border funding compromise bill will enact a National Emergency across the US's Southern border once it goes into effect. The bill is broken down into three steps, the first of which saw the National Treasury produce a windfall of $1.375 billion in funds, meant to bolster 55 miles of the US-Mexican border.

The second step saw an additional $5.7 billion greenlighted, also meant to fortify the 55-mile stretch. The final act and most resounding act, saw Trump shut the Government down for 35 days, as you might recall, leaving the President with "much ado about nothing," save for his last resort scare tactic. 

Trump's signature on the border funding compromise would benefit 8 different Federal Depts. and prevent over 800,000 Government employees from going on yet another work stoppage. Both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and White House speaker Sarah "iHeart" Huckabee Sanders have seconded the motion in separate addresses, with the former stating, "He is prepared to sign the bill," while positing that Donald Trump would "be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time."