Yesterday afternoon, President Donald Trump tweeted out to the world that his forthcoming Fake News Awards, formally titled as "The Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards of the Year" will be postponed a week. Originally slated to take place today at 5:00pm, the POTUS announced that it has since been rescheduled to occur January 17th; however, he gives no reasoning for this abrupt change. 

Trump cites an intense interest in the event as the sole cause for it's delay. Little details have been released to the general public about this presentation, as no categories, nominees, attendees or presenters have been announced. It seems as though this spectacle is another one of Trump's rebuttals against the mainstream media, who have been critical of the president before he assumed office last January. 

However, late night talk show hosts Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert have enthusiastically welcomed this awards show with open arms. The crew at The Daily Show, hosted by Noah, ran a full-page ad in The New York Times as a means of securing their spot within the awards show. 

Similarly, Colbert and the team at The Late Show took to social media to promote the event in typically satirical fashion, creating a mock "For Your Consideration" ad in anticipation of this newly minted spectacle.