Donald Trump has a roller coaster of a year, to say the least. Since being elected as President of the United States, it seems like he's one of the few world leaders who cannot help but court controversy, and today is no different. According to The Daily Beast, America's political leader was caught retweeting videos that were initially posted by one of Britain's far-right political personalities. The videos exhibited anti-muslim content and drew a huge reaction online soon after the retweets were made.

Among the videos that were shared by Trump to his 40 million followers included footage showing what seems to be a brutal murder carried out by an Islamist mob. The far-right British political activist Jayda Fransen was the one behind the original tweets, and she has since had the spotlight thrust upon her social media activity as well. Her reaction to the implied support from Trump? "God Bless America."

However, not long after that, it seems that things took a turn for the worst for Fransen, after she tweeting about possibly facing jail time for expressing those Islamophobic leanings online.

There's been no response, on Twitter or otherwise, from Trump clarifying what he meant by the retweets and if the views expressed in the videos or implied by his sharing them will impact his policy or anything else surrounding his reign on Capitol Hill. However, Fransen's motivations in posting those videos isn't in question, with her ultranationalist party holding anti-Islam rallies and stages “Christian patrols” on the regular. If Trump continues to show public support for this sort of political organizing, the backlash from both the media and the public

Do you think Trump's retweets were over the line? Or is this just par for the course insofar as the current state of American and, to a certain degree, global politics? Have your say in the comments.