It's no secret that Donald Trump has no shortage of critics and loyal supporters alike; the former remain eager to pounce at his every gaffe, while the latter are quick to form a protective shield in front of him. In truth, there are many who feel that Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, failing to read rooms and opening himself up to public shaming through his own behavior. Case in point, his recent adventure at a Phoenix-based Honeywell factory, which is currently working on producing millions of N95 masks. 

Donald Trump Mask

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Despite the fact that numerous signs strongly recommended those within the factory to don a protective mask, Donald Trump opted to forego the warning and stick with goggles instead. While the White House maintained that Honeywell employees told them that masking up wasn't actually necessary, the optics of the encounter quickly led to a wildfire spread across Twitter. 

It's likely that Mike Pence's previous decision to skip the mask during a hospital tour played a role in the increased criticism here. Perhaps the Trump team feels that donning a mask would show a perceived sense of weakness, thus fueling his decision to avoid protective gear by any means necessary. It's difficult to say, and probably pointless -- Donald Trump will continue to move as he always has, which is to say, to the beat of his own drum. What do you think -- is this latest criticism founded?