President Donald Trump may need to re-evaluate the loyalty of those closest to him. While on his way to a rally in Minnesota, the president was spotted boarding Air Force aircraft with what appears to be an unfortunate bit of tissue paper stuck to the heel of his shoe. 

One can only wonder what unraveled during the series of unfortunate events that led up to this moment. One must also question why Trump's staff and entourage allowed him to be captured in public in such a state. In a video shared by TMZ, the President can be seen climbing the stairs to the aircraft with a piece of the tissue paper product protruding from the heel of his shoe without notice from any of the staff surrounding him.

It goes without saying, the Internet was swirling with jokes and memes about the incident within minutes. One commenter observed, "Like a moth to a flame toilet paper will always stick to its intended purpose," while another wrote, "I wonder how many people saw the toilet paper and snickered, 'Don't tell him.'" Naturally, some tweeters wondered how the footage would translate with some music added to it, and went on to add the theme song for Curb Your Enthusiasm to the clip. 

Catch the funny business below.