Oh boy, what a night. Between Trump refusing to condemn the violent actions of white supremacists and white supremacist groups at anti-fascist protests across the country by telling them to "stand down and stand by" and Trump continually bringing up Joe Biden's son Hunter's controversies, last night's debate is being described by many as the worst Presidential debate of all time.

It really felt like we were watching a fire dumpster in real-time as Trump and Biden dodged questions about racism, COVID-19, and more. Possibly the least productive debate ever, we're already exhausted for the second and third iterations of this.

Trump's heckling was not finished when an hour-and-a-half had passed because, right after the debate ended, he hopped on Twitter and did more shit-talking.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

First, he retweeted a message that Joe Rogan would have been a better moderator than Fox News' Chris Wallace. Then, he posted a picture that suggested that Wallace was actually a participant in the debate, grabbing over 80,000 retweets. 

He continued bashing Biden and Wallace throughout the night, retweeting several messages from his fans. This morning, he finally wrote out his original thoughts.

"Chris had a tough night. Two on one was not surprising, but fun," tweeted Trump. "Many important points made, like throwing Bernie, AOC PLUS 3, and the rest, to the wolves! Radical Left is dumping Sleepy Joe. Zero Democrat enthusiasm, WEAK Leadership!"

He continued: "Nobody wants Sleepy Joe as a leader, including the Radical Left (which he lost last night!). He disrespected Bernie, effectively calling him a loser! Biden wants to Pack the Supreme Court, thereby ruining it. Also, he wants no fracking, killing our Energy business, and JOBS. Second Amendment is DEAD if Biden gets in! Is that what you want from a leader? He will destroy our Country! VOTE NOW USA."

Then, he spoke about Biden's stance on law enforcement. "Biden REFUSED to use the term, LAW & ORDER! There go the Suburbs," observed the President.

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