Today President Trump signed an edict favorable to musicians of old, titled the Music Modernization Act. A bunch of stately fellows including Kid Rock and Sam Moore showed up to witness its transcription. During the proceedings, an ex-Beach Boy member named Mike Lobe shared a foggy memory of Donald Trump's unwavering support of Whitney Houston, during the course of her adult life, and not limited to the period when her health began to deteriorate.

"Thank you, President Trump. Thank you so much for your support of music historically. I remember you tried your best to help get Whitney Houston in some kind of shape,” Love said with the President right next to him. "I remember being at Mar-A-Lago with this guy right here. He had Ron Perlman come down. He tried your best to help Whitney, and she’s not the only one you’ve benefitted."

As the record states, Donald Trump made the media rounds in the aftermath of  Whitney Houston's passing, in part to flip the narrative surrounding her death. Throughout that period, Trump spoke of his amity with Whitney Houston at every possible speaking engagement. In a Fox News interview, Trump once noted that he even partook in Whitney and Bobby's wedding ceremony in 1992.