Another day, another W for Donald Glover. This time around, Mr. Gambino has won Best Actor In A Comedy Series for "Atlanta" at the Critics' Choice Awards, beating out the likes of Patrick Stewart (AKA Professor X) and Bill Hader.

In his speech, Glover kept it 100, expressing his honest bewilderment that he had won the award, and his gratefulness for getting to meet the other mega-talented people working in television. Watch a clip of Glover's speech below.

Glover's win got the entire "Atlanta" squad in attendance incredibly riled up, and the team needed this uplift. Earlier in the night, "Atlanta" lost Best Comedy Series to "Silicon Valley," sparking a stage crash from Lakeith Stanfield AKA Darius. Stanfield got to the mic before the actual winner could, hilariously thanking the critics for honouring his show:

"I wanna thank everybody for honouring us in this way. We worked very hard on 'Silicon Valley' and here we are. Thank you."

Those on stage were confused, but the people cheering in the audience knew what was up. This is what Stanfield tweeted following his stage crash:

But despite "Atlanta" getting robbed of the top honor, Darius still put on for his bro.

Check out video of Stanfield's stage crash below, and much love and congrats to Donald Glover.