This past weekend was a monumental for Donald Glover after his performance and win at this year's Grammy Awards. The new trophy to add to his collection only brings him closer to the rare EGOT status that only a selected few performers have reached. One person who Donald shares a similar path with is Jamie Foxx. The two of them have made themselves known within the realms of music, TV and film. While Donald has only spent a fraction of time in the industry than Jamie Foxx, he thinks that it's only a matter of time until he can top him.

In a recent run in with TMZ, Donald Glover was asked who he thinks is better between himself and Jamie Foxx. While Donald is undoubtedly confident in his talents, he does believe that Jamie Foxx has the one up as of now because of the amount of time he's spent in the industry and perfecting his craft. 

"I don't know. Jamie's got it up on me, man." He said, "he got time on his side."

Afterwards, Donald reveals the one thing he's bad at which he says is giving up. It explains a lot considering how far he's gone in his career even after many had doubts his career would survive after he left "Community."

While it may seem far fetched, Donald is only 34 and has several Emmy's under his belt along with a Golden Globe and a Grammy. In Jamie Foxx's illustrious career, he received two Grammys, an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Either way, Donald Glover's contributions to culture have already been made clear that he's on his way to making a major mark in the world of entertainment. 

Check out the full clip below.